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News of the week selected by Impactscool – September 2nd

2 September 2019 | Written by La redazione

The most important news on technology and the future, selected by the Impactscool team

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Internet is faster on the International Space Station

An internet connection, according to some, would be a fundamental human right. No wonder then that even astronauts in orbit on the International Space Station (ISS) need a stable and fast connection. In particular, given the experiments and data collected by the human outpost in space, it is very important that the network is as fast as possible. For these reasons the ISS has recently received an update of its equipment to transmit data, bringing the speed of the internet band on board to around 600 Megabits per second.


Nanoparticles to give night vision

A study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School showed how, using particular nanoparticles injected into the eyes capable of making visible light near-infrared and thus allowing a sort of night vision. For now the technique has been successfully tested on mice and without side effects, the next step, before testing on humans, will be to improve the particles and make them more sensitive.


James Webb Telescope has finally been assembled

The construction operations of the James Webb Telescope (JWT) have been affected by continuous delays, both for budgetary reasons and for technical problems, so it is a good sign that finally all the parts of the telescope have been assembled. JWT, with its 6.5-meter mirror, is the successor of the Hubble space telescope, whose mirror had a diameter of only 2.4 meters, and will also look at the infrared universe to obtain details never before seen of the planets of the solar system and the stars and more distant galaxies. Now it will be necessary to verify that the whole electrical system is working properly and after further tests, in March 2021, except for further delays, we could see its launch into space in an orbit much further from the Earth than in Hubble.


Crows love cheesburgers

Living in large urban areas has changed people’s lifestyles, but this is not just about humans. In fact, there are many animals that have adapted to living in urban centers, changing their lifestyle and, of course, their food. A study by Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, showed how crows living in the city have the highest cholesterol and are fatter than their counterparts living in rural areas. Despite the sky-high cholesterol levels, this lifestyle does not seem to harm the health of crows. It should be emphasized, however, that urban crows have a shorter life due to the higher probability of accidents.

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