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Energy: from ENEA super-efficient photovoltaic cells to regain competitiveness in the sector

6 October 2020 | Written by La redazione

A team of Italian and European companies involved in the AMPERE project

ENEA has developed an innovative technology that allows to raise the efficiency of photovoltaic solar cells by 1 percentage point. The innovation consists in replacing layers of conductive oxides with traditional amorphous silicon layers and was carried out as part of the AMPERE project, funded with 14 million euros by Horizon 2020. The project involves Enel Green Power, as leader, CNR, Rise Technology and some of the major players in the European photovoltaic supply chain, such as CEA, Fraunhofer-ISE, Meyer Burger, NorSun and aims to create an Italian / European production line of high efficiency solar panels, recovering competitiveness in the sector.

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La redazione
La redazione

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