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Meet Impactscool’s Ambassadors: Petru Capatina

5 December 2019 | Written by La redazione

Continues the journey to discover the Impactscool community. Today we know Petru Capatina, Ambassador and Future Activist that follows our reality from the beginning.

New appointment with the Impactscool community where we get to know our ambassadors. Today it’s Petru Capatina’s turn. Petru is CEO and Co-Founder of A.Glads, a startup focused on social innovation that is positioned on the market in the niche segment of services for people with disabilities, mainly motor disabilities. Meanwhile, he is finishing his studies in Business Administration and Innovation at the University of Turin. Passionate about finance and exponential technologies, he believes that the notion and perception of “future” are changing every day creating many possible futures; consequently, it is very committed to raising awareness among the new generations who are the key to the stability of the future and the creation of long-term value.


What does it mean for you to be an Impactscool Ambassador?

For me, being an Ambassador means being an active part of a sound scientific and ethical disclosure, of fundamental knowledge and tools for the contemplation of a future whose prosperity can embrace everyone. In parallel, it is also an excellent opportunity to express my philanthropy and my interest in being in contact with people, talking about the future, values, and choices, but also listening to new stories, different opinions. “Corvus oculum corvi non eruit” – a crow will never peck with the beak in the eye of another crow, this is a fairly basic logic among animals of the same species, often it was not so obvious for humans, here, beyond the contents, I think that among Impactscool’s ambassadors, there is also a desire to share humanism, constructive thought, and peace.


The future in three words…

Automated: I believe that everything that is, even if only in part, cyclic or repeatable, albeit with various alternations, will be automated, from small, easy and obvious things, to the most elaborate, articulated and complex. Man will do the “non-routine”, the one that will always be different, creative, new. I imagine an elevated man, always out of comfort zone, with new skills to be developed continuously, with the ability to adapt always under stress.

Geotechnology: I see in the future new concepts of Smart City, like perfectly coordinated units, with very high autonomy that strategically make agreements and partnerships with other cities, generating synergies, economies of scale and shared projects, many cities with their own specific vertical skills, which exchange and share know-how and resources with others, all in harmony and precision, like organized hives, functional.

Selective: I am convinced that the future is very selective, the technological quotient, understood as the ability to understand technology, use it and evaluate it, together with a productive stress of one’s creative ability will be the main tracks to keep up with everything, an all in perpetual movement, with tremendous speed, where those who slow down, lose, I do not know what, I hope not everything. It reminds me so much of Pirandello that he described life as magma in constant motion, that if it slows down, it begins to petrify, stops, dies. Unfortunately, speed in keeping up with things will be crucial, precisely because of this “raising awareness” activities are very important today.


What do you do today and what will your work be in the future?

Today I deal with social entrepreneurship, I work on the creation of new intelligent mobility services starting from the daily problems of people with difficulties and disabilities, to create something useful and accessible to all. In the future I would like to use the same logic and make space-related mobility projects, starting from the study of the difficulties to arrive at inclusive solutions. I do not mind contemplating being the first to create a project to bring the first disabled person to the Moon, and then Mars… There is still so much talking about innovation but not much about inclusion and accessibility in all its nuances, I would like a different future.


What are the major opportunities that technological development will bring and what are the risks?

I think there will be big innovations that will disrupt the routine as we understand it. First, more immediacy in services and interactions, which could mean very little need to move physically, with possible health hazards. I believe that most of the work will be based on continuous creativity, seeing the current inclinations, I am only afraid that it will become a craze for the new, to spur people to the point of churning out new things, services, and products, which will probably stay on the market a few months at most, if not weeks, days. The novelty in delivery could be the new way to evaluate work, perhaps without fixed hours, but with fixed monthly requirements to be generated, if you have no more ideas, you are “squeezed”, like an orange, you are no longer needed, next. On the other hand intensive courses and new tools to stimulate adaptation, fast learning and inflate the imagination for more immediate and continuous ideas. This is a risk. Even if I opt more for a scenario that values ​​creative and philanthropic activity in a more qualitative, very human-centric way, with new possibilities for collaboration and sharing of ideas. Human history teaches us that we have responded to certain needs with overcompensation, my concern is only in the risk that at a time when we can have a great capacity for intervention and execution, an overcompensation of something can be fatal. However, I am sure that innovations in health, food, and transport will be magnificent. Access to innovations remains one of the most divisive and harmful risks.


How do you imagine 2050?

I imagine it as an era of great transformation, I believe already from the ’40 onwards, but in 2050 I could struggle to recognize what is still left of the old world. Nothing will ever be the same, we will be more and more, it will be hotter, technology will accompany every instance of our life, we will be easily interconnected, vintage fashion will come back stronger than before, there will be such strange job opportunities that I could not imagine them now. I know that despite the risks, I will like it, this is a feeling of mine. I am intrigued by the theme of the population, I imagine that due to the continuous overpopulation in the future, having a child could be a “premium” opportunity to which few, only with certain resources, requirements and parameters can be accessed.


How will your hobby be in the future?

I think that at weekends I will devote myself to writing the worst stories, with traditional paper (which I will put aside years before) that I don’t think will be there anymore because of the waste of water, and a pen that seems to write but in truth it will print strange ink/particles everywhere the tip will touch. Where? A few miles from the ground on something flying, with a beautiful view, and a bit of Led Zeppelin in the background. Oh, yes.

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