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A new beginning

22 October 2020 | Written by Benedetta Bozzoli

The return to the school desks seen from the eyes of a student.

The school, after a long period in which distance learning, which forced students and teachers to find a new dimension, is once again present. This is an uncertain return, with the shadow of the lockdown behind it, but which, according to the latest DCPM, will continue in its intent to keep students in class. It is difficult to take stock of this period, it depends on the experience of individual students, so we decided to tell you the testimony of one of these, our Contributor Benedetta, a 14-year-old student in the second year of the international scientific high school.


Sorry the rest of this entry is only in Italian.

Benedetta Bozzoli
Benedetta Bozzoli

Student at the international scientific high school. I am passionate about emerging technologies and artificial intelligence. I like to understand the changes they will bring in our lives.

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