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Wearable devices: a 41 billion dollars market

4 November 2019 | Written by La redazione

Today smartwatches and earphones are the driving force, but what will the future hold for us?

The market for wearable devices is clearly expanding: according to estimates by Gartner analysts, 2019 in the world will reach 41 billion dollars in total spending, a figure destined to grow to 52 billion in 2020 and 63 billion in 2021. Today to tow this market is smartwatch and earphones, but in the future it could be many more connected wearable devices, able to constantly connect with technology and, who knows, even to make us one with it.


The present: smartwatch and earphones. For smartwatches alone, in 2019, $ 17 billion will be spent. Prices, analysts assure, are destined to fall further, around 4.5% between 2020 and 2021. Smart earphones and headphones follow the special classification of the best-selling wearable devices, whose market is worth today 7.9 billion. AirPods dominate this sector, but the entry of other lower-priced devices on the market could soon boost the sale of this technological gadget. Always the lowering of prices and the ever-increasing areas of application, is favoring a greater diffusion of virtual reality viewers as they come out of the rankings, also thanks to the lowering of smartwatch prices, “sports watches” and fitness bracelets.


The near future: smart clothing. Today they only bring, so to speak, 1.1 billion dollars, but in the near future the smart clothing sector is destined to grow. T-shirts equipped with sensors that monitor body activities and vital functions during physical activity, clothes that can be controlled by smartphones that can adapt to different temperatures, shoes and socks that can monitor our pace in real time. These are just some of the devices on which the efforts of various companies are focusing, aiming to make our clothes increasingly technological and multifunctional.


The future: one with technology. And if instead of wearing them technological devices were inside us? The subcutaneous microchips are already a reality, although to date the biohackers are only a limited part of the population. There are those who manage to open their car or their front door only by approaching the arm and who, with their own chip, makes payments or stamps the metro ticket. But one day these devices could have important applications also in the medical field and give us constant information on our vital functions. with our body. Are the cyborgs already among us?

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