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5 tech smart for your four-legged friends

5 February 2021 | Written by La redazione

Let's find out how technology can help us take care of our pets

When our cat jumps on the keyboard in the middle of a Zoom call it’s always a fun moment, after all it’s their way of demanding attention. Even though we spend more time at home on average, this doesn’t translate into more time with them. Yet, animals need attention and play, it is part of their way of interacting and exercising, and when we fail to satisfy this need we can appeal to technology (but remembering that it must not replace us).

Awaken the predatory instinct. Whether you like it or not, your cats are lethal predators, despite the cute and cuddly appearance they need to exercise their ambushes and chases. Without the correct stimuli, cats can develop depression and become obese. Ebo Catpal is a small robot created to entertain and stimulate the predatory instincts of our cat. It connects to WiFi, allowing us to monitor our cat with HD video and audio streaming via its easy-to-use mobile app. But that is not all. Ebo Catpal can be set according to the needs of the cat by programming it to wake up and go to sleep at specific times.


iFetch. When it comes to fetching, dogs are tireless. Our arm will probably get tired before them. To keep your Fidos active, there is iFetch, an automatic ball launcher. Available in different versions, depending on the size of the dog, it can be used both outdoors and at home.


The smart litter box. Let’s face it. Cleaning the cat litter box is not one of the most fun activities. Fortunately, technology can help us with these thankless tasks. Litter-Robot is a smart litter able to separate the excrement of our cat from the gravel, placing them in a bag.


Go-Smart: the leash of the future. The leash has landed in the world of technology. Here is Go-Smart, equipped with bluetooth to connect to the smartphone, LED lights and a timer that monitors the walks. Keeping our dog fit has never been easier.


Hipster Harness. One of the most common conditions that afflict a man’s best friend is hip dysplasia. Surgery allows you to cure it but rehabilitation can be tiring, for our dog and for us. Hipster Harness is a harness that helps this process. Dogs with hip dysplasia tend to rely on their front legs to move, which leads to degeneration of the hind leg muscles. To move smoothly with the harness, the dog must use its hind legs, strengthening them and keeping the femur in the correct position.

La redazione
La redazione

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