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Casual future: tomorrow at your fingertips

21 October 2020 | Written by La redazione

A podcast by Marina D'Incerti and Cristina Pozzi dedicated to the future is born to provide us with basic information to move at ease in technological innovation

Technology has invaded our lives. Every day we hear about innovation, robots, artificial intelligence and algorithms. But we, simple daily users, do we really listen to what we are told? And above all, do we understand something? The reality is that we are in the midst of an epochal change that is overwhelming our way of living, working, communicating, but we know very little about it. We only know by hearsay the operation of aspects that are becoming increasingly fundamental, such as privacy protection with tracking apps, services available in smart cities, voice assistants for smartphones and smart appliances, facial recognition and use. of videogames at school and in companies.


Hence Casual Future, an audio podcast in 8 episodes that will provide the essential tools to navigate the innovations of every day. With a simple, informative approach, anything but academic – casual, in fact – and a strong feminine imprint. It will do so through the dialogue between Marina D’Incerti, a journalist of Donna Moderna, and Cristina Pozzi – future maker, co-founder of Impactscool and Young Global Leader nominated by the World Economic Forum 2019 -. There will also be technology experts, but also teachers, philosophers and entrepreneurs, including Luciano Floridi, Paolo Benanti and Emanuela Girardi.

La redazione
La redazione

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