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World Future Day 2021

1 March 2021 | Written by La redazione

Join the global conversation about the future

We live in an era of great and rapid changes. From technology to society, through to climate and demographics, our world is transforming at a speed never seen before. Facing the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the future, therefore, is essential to guide it in the direction we want. The plural is a must, the vision of the future must be shared and therefore built together. For this reason, today March 1st, Future Day is celebrated, a day dedicated to discussion and comparison to build the best of possible futures.


The importance of future studies. In epic stories, destiny is something ineluctable, an already drawn thread that unravels from the past to the future and we would be only pawns who run this thread. Fortunately we do not live in a story, but in reality, where the future is not a thread, but a cone. If we look at the possibilities that face us every day, we can observe how the constant changes put us in front of a range of possibilities, of possible futures (for this we speak of futures in the plural) and within them a spectrum of preferable futures, those that we want to build together.


The voice of young people. To celebrate this day Teach the Future organized a global conversation about the future dedicated to the youngest. Find out how the boys and girls of the world envision their future and what they are doing to build it. This world tour, in the form of videoconferences via Zoom, will have several versions in different languages. The one involving girls and boys from all over Europe, in English, will start at 18.00. To participate, just register here.

La redazione
La redazione

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