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Visionary days 2020: what boundaries in the new world?

11 November 2020 | Written by La redazione

2500 under 35s from all over Italy meet in a digital event, 10 hours of collective brainstorming and an Artificial Intelligence to elaborate the proposals of the 2500 connected young people. Also Impactscool among the community partners

The technological revolution, migratory flows and transformations linked to globalization draw a new “geography of borders”: territorial and supra-territorial, visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. What Borders in the New World? This is the theme of the fourth edition of Visionary Days – scheduled for Saturday 21 November 2020 – a 10-hour online session of collective brainstorming that will actively participate in 2500 under 35 students from all over Italy, who will compete – divided into virtual tables – on the changes they are experiencing and the future they will share in the coming years.


Create a vision. Organized by the Visionary association, a group of hundreds of young people from all over Italy, Visionary Days is a collective vision experiment that brings together, for the first time, people with different backgrounds to discuss and shape an idea of ​​the future together. Each digital discussion table is in fact made up of ten participants selected so as to be as varied as possible by age, origin, course of study or profession.

“Those of our generation – commented Carmelo Traina, co-founder of Visionary – have heard quite often that today’s young people are dissociated from the society they live in. We have heard it once too often and we wanted to overturn this first-person image, to give a signal of the opposite sense. The means to make our idea concrete was dialogue. This year too. Precisely because this year “.

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La redazione

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