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News of the week selected by Impactscool – Jenuary 11st

11 January 2021 | Written by La redazione

NASA wants to send quadrupedal robots to Mars

One idea that is peeping out among the various proposals for the future of robotic exploration of Mars is to use the Boston Dynamics Spot robots. These in fact would be perfect for navigating the complex terrain that Martian rovers on wheels struggle to deal with today. The idea is already being put to the test, using a modified Spot, called Au-Spot, to see how it would also manage to explore caves and caves, currently inaccessible to rovers but which are of great interest as a location for future Martian bases.


The future of dubbing speaks binary

Deepbud is about to launch its streaming platform capable of dubbing the translation of several languages in real time. The Israeli company uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to transform the original voice into a translated version. The synthetic voice is in fact based on the original one. The process allows to exponentially reduce the production and creation times of localized versions of films and TV series. For now, the system manages six languages, with the aim of doubling this number in the coming months.


Electric tractors could be the future of agriculture

The world of agriculture is moving faster and faster towards the future, among the many innovations the most recent is the arrival of a new model of tractor, electric and self-driving. It is called Monarch, and is equipped with various sensors that allow it to carry out the most varied tasks without the help of a pilot, from simply moving from point A to point B, up to independently carrying out plowing or collection. It can also be organized into fleets of different vehicles that communicate with each other and perform complex tasks. The Monarch tractor will be available starting in autumn 2021 with a price of “just” $ 50,000.


Elon Musk is the richest man in the world

187 billion dollars. This is the wealth in the pockets of Elon Musk: yesterday, after the opening of the stock exchange and a rapid rise in Tesla shares of 4.37%, he became the richest man in the world, ousting Amazon’s patron Jeff Bezos. The difference between the two for now is “just” a billion dollars and the oscillatory nature of the stock exchange could soon make the South African entrepreneur lose the title, but Musk would have an ace up his sleeve. He could in fact decide to go public on SpaceX, his space company that in the meantime is preparing to carry out the second test of his Starship. According to some analysts, the value of the company would be around 100 billion dollars.

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