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News of the week selected by Impactscool – Novembre 23rd

23 November 2020 | Written by La redazione

The first restaurant serving cultured meat

Cultured meat, or meat produced from a single animal cell, arrives at the restaurant. In one restaurant specifically, it is called “The Chicken” and is the first in the world to serve chicken meat produced in bioreactors without killing animals. Located in Tel Aviv, the restaurant was born from the Startup SuperMeat which is perfecting the production process to make meat production increasingly sustainable and economical. Guests of The Chicken will be able to taste different types of burgers and gourmet chicken cutlets accompanied by vegetables and chips, served in a modern design environment with a window on the room where the meat is produced. Reservations are open but it seems that the waiting list is already long. Would you book a table in this restaurant?


The virtual reality glove that will allow you to touch the pixels

The applications of virtual reality go far beyond the world of video games: from medicine, to engineering, passing from rehabilitation to design. However, each of these areas collides with some limitations due to the virtual nature of this technology, such as the impossibility of having tactile feedback. Research by Cornell led to the creation of a glove that uses elastic sensors to collect data about the pressure, elongation and stretching they undergo, providing a mathematical model with a way to pinpoint the movement and position of the hands. This glove, combined with a feedback system, could lead to the creation of gloves capable of making us interact with the virtual world as with the real world.


Amazon now also sells drugs

The arrival on the market of Amazon Pharmacy, the new service of the e-commerce giant that has the potential to revolutionize a market worth 4 trillion dollars, promises to be a revolution for the drug market in the United States. The announcement sank the headlines of industry giants who fear experiencing the same Amazon effect paid dearly by traditional stores and department stores. Amazon Pharmacy will operate in the United States and offer discounts of up to 80% on generic drugs purchased by Prime subscribers without health insurance.


The world’s most famous radio telescope will be dismantled

Perhaps you know him for the final scene of 007: Goldeneye, or for his role in the movie Contact. Or even for being the inspiration for one of the maps in the video game Battlefield: 4. The Arecibo observatory has become a piece of pop culture , but it is also a place of extraordinary scientific research which up to now has provided a great deal of data on the Universe. Unfortunately, however, it was decided to dismantle the huge plant (the disc has 350 meters in diameter): following structural damage and collapses, the antenna cannot be repaired and the NSF, the body that deals with management of the radio telescope, has decided that it is safer to demolish the structure in a controlled manner.

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