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News of the week selected by Impactscool – October 28th

28 October 2019 | Written by La redazione

Flying taxies are getting closer

If we imagine the future, one of the key images is the flying car. While managing the air traffic of many vehicles could be a challenge not without risks, on the other hand technological progress, under the pressure of different companies, aims in that direction. One of these is Lilium, which has just completed the first test phase for its flying taxi, making it reach 100 km / h in a horizontal flight. Now a new high-speed flight test phase will begin, around 300 km / h. With 36 electric motors, this jet will be able to carry 5 people with 0 emissions.


The melting of ice revealed five new islands

Five new islands have appeared in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, a group of Russian islands on the Arctic borders. They were hidden beneath a glacier that withdrew due to global warming, revealing these islands. An exploratory mission has explored them, showing how they have already been colonized by life, as well as plants and algae, even some birds and some seals have begun to inhabit the coasts of these islands.


Quantum supremacy: skirmishes continue between IBM and Google

Google says it has reached quantum supremacy, or that moment in which the computing capacity of a quantum computer would make even the most powerful traditional supercomputer, like Summit, obsolete. IBM disagrees and in the last week we have seen one beat and replies between the two superpowers. Who will be right?


Would you taste a giraffe steak?

In vitro meat is now a reality, still commercially unappealing, but it may soon appear in the fridge counters of our supermarkets. However, there remains a very strong distrust on the part of consumers who see it as something unhealthy or with a bad taste. A startup could have a decidedly unorthodox solution. The beef, for example, we know well, a version of it grown in the laboratory starting from a few cells painlessly extracted from an adult animal surely will have some differences that could not make it pleasure. What if this meat was of a type we never tasted? For example, giraffe or elephant meat? On the one hand the exoticism of the product could override the distrust of meat produced in the laboratory from the other could be seen as in bad taste, both metaphorically and literally.


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