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News of the week selected by Impactscool – August 3rd

3 August 2020 | Written by La redazione

Space Force logo and motto revealed

A silver delta on a black field with a star in the center. Here is revealed the logo of the Space Force, the new U.S. military corps wanted by President Trump who will deal with operations in space. It is very reminiscent of the Star Trek Starfleet logo but the similarity is only on the surface. The logo in fact refers to the symbol of the Delta, in use in the aeronautics since the 60s. The outer edge symbolizes defense against external threats, the two vertical triangles represent the launch of a rocket, the four elements at the bottom instead represent the other military corps, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Marines. Finally, the star in the center is the polar star, which in the black background of space represents the values that guide the Space Force. Also revealed the motto: “Semper Supra”, that is always above.


Neuralink: music comes directly to the brain

On August 28, Elon Musk will reveal the new results achieved by his startup Neuralink, who wants to create a device capable of directly connecting the human brain to a machine. In the meantime, the entrepreneur also father of Tesla and SpaceX revealed in a tweet that Neuralink will be able to transmit music directly to the brain, bypassing the ears. However, these indiscretions do not know if they speak of a near or a little further future: from what we know this interface can be used, at least initially, to treat people suffering from certain neurodegenerative diseases, bypassing the damaged parts of the brain to transmit impulses brain.


Maxwell’s Daemons: learn chemistry one enemy at a time

At the University of Sassari three researchers have decided to create a video game with a particular setting: the microscopic world of molecules. It’s called Maxwell’s Daemons, a shooter where you are faced with the challenges posed by proteins, atoms and molecules and strange creatures that populate this world. The game is under development and it is raising money through a Kickstarter campaign. The ultimate goal of the game, in addition to obviously entertaining, is to teach some basic concepts of chemistry and physics.


Recognize colors with a touch

Those who work in the field of graphics and design know how difficult it can be to replicate the color of something in the real world. Apple has just filed for a patent that will make the famous dropper out of date. In fact, just place the pen on an object and the system will recognize the color with accuracy allowing it to be used in the digital world.

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