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Teaching how to face the future: Cristina Pozzi on Il Corriere della Sera

19 April 2019 | Written by La redazione

The italian newspaper talks about the book "Benvenuti in 2050" by Cristina Pozzi in an article dedicated to technology.

“Technological acceleration is putting us in front of conscious automata and intelligences that will soon manifest emotions. “The process is ongoing and unstoppable, we are already going out of the body, useless are the fears that technologies interact with bodies change the human: it would be better to ask ourselves who are humans and what can they do to avoid destruction”, says Cristina Pozzi ”CEO and co-founder of Impactscool.

Corriere della Sera talks about Cristina, delving into the topic of training on new technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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La redazione

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