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Handle: the warehouse robot

1 April 2019 | Written by La redazione

The new Boston Dynamics robot is able to load and unload pallets in total autonomy

Logistics, which employs over 230,000 people in Italy, is one of the sectors in which automation is closest: for this reason, finding ways to manage change in this field will be crucial in the coming years. The confirmation comes from Boston Dynamics, a US company at the forefront of robotics, which presented its new prototype robot on wheels Handle.

Handle is Atlas’s cousin, the bipedal robot, and of Cheetah, quadruped, that we got to know thanks to videos in which they engage in autonomous navigation, stunts and somersaults. Handle is the first to have a direct application in the working field: it is in fact able to load and unload pallets in total autonomy. Through a system of visual and tactile sensors it can accurately identify the packages and manage their movement, raising up to a maximum of 15 kg.

Watch it at work:

La redazione
La redazione

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