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VeroGenomics: innovative genomic technologies for personalized diagnosis

9 October 2019 | Written by La redazione

The project of the University of Verona won the 2019 edition of the Veneto Start Cup, a competition reserved for innovative business ideas

DNA sequencing is an instrument increasingly used in genetic tests for prenatal screening, in the diagnosis of patients with genetic diseases and in the prognosis and care of patients with tumors. However, genetic tests based on sequencing have technological limitations: some regions of DNA, in fact, remain “obscure” and this prevents the correct diagnosis of numerous diseases. For this reason, VeroGenomics has developed a system for capturing and sequencing the DNA regions responsible for these diseases that allows for complete genetic characterization and therefore an accurate diagnosis.

VeroGenomics. Thanks to the use of innovative genomic technologies, the genetic tests of VeroGenomics (VeroTest) exceed the limits of those available today and fill the “gaps”, giving certain answers. Another major limitation of diagnostic methodologies based on DNA analysis is the time required for the processing of results, test accessibility and costs. Thanks to the great experience in the field of genomic technologies, the VeroGenomics team has optimized the procedures of its tests making them extremely simple and fast, executable even by “non-experts”. Furthermore, the test requires a minimal and low-cost laboratory endowment and therefore can be performed by those laboratories that are not supplied with traditional, expensive and delicate sequencers.

Test anywhere. The equipment needed is so limited that VeroGenomics offers the possibility of using VeroTests also in combination with the VeroLab, an already validated portable genomics laboratory, which allows genetic testing to be performed anywhere, even without specialized facilities. VeroGenomics will therefore not only offer kits for innovative genetic analyzes, more accurate and complete, but also portable and fast, which can be performed anywhere.



Startcup Veneto in 2019 has reached the 18th edition and has registered the widest participation in recent years. 140 projects were presented, which confirm the entrepreneurial rate that characterizes the Veneto. This year, for the first time in the history of Start Cup Veneto, all four universities in the region participated. The total prize money was € 36,000 (10,000 first place, 8,000 per second, 7,000 per third, 6,000 per fourth and 5,000 per fifth) and the five best teams of this edition will participate in the final of the 2019 National Innovation Award scheduled for 28 and 29 November in Catania.

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