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28 May 2020 | Written by La redazione

Remote lessons from 22 June to teach young people between 14 and 24 the society of tomorrow, the jobs of the future, emerging technologies and environmental emergencies. Program and teaching methods tested by Impactscool during the lockdown

What will the professions of the future be? How can we avoid environmental emergencies and what are the most sustainable behaviors to implement? What are the emerging technologies? How can I create a successful startup from scratch? In June Impactscool, the first Italian company that deals with research, consultancy and training dedicated to Futures Critical Thinking, launches Future Camp, an exclusive Summer School on the themes of the future aimed at children aged 14 to 24, which now arrives in digital format thus becoming potentially accessible to all. Registration is already open and will end on Sunday 21 June.


Future Camp. In a scenario where the Covid-19 emergency leads us to reflect even more on these issues, a course arrives for the first time in Italy where entrepreneurs, academics, scientists and professionals, provide young people with experiences, skills, abilities and information not contemplated today in traditional study programs, also through video contributions, with the aim of making them future makers, forming in them a critical spirit towards the present to face their own professional and personal life path with awareness, developing an ability to medium-long term vision to build the best possible future, for themselves and for others.


The effectiveness of this type of training and the opportunities it offers in periods like this is best expressed by the testimony of Monika Ninova, a Canadian student who is attending an international Economics and Finance course at Bocconi University in Milan:

During these unprecedented times, we are led to rethink the ways we work and study.

With an interruption in our on-campus teaching due to Covid-19, Bocconi University’s teaching continued seamlessly, as they shifted all of the student’s lectures to be live-streamed or pre-recorded. The sudden change in our daily learning caused some difficulties at first – both on an academic and personal level. Connecting with family, friends, colleagues, and professors were reduced to computer screens and online messaging. The lack of a physical connection led to difficulty in coordination amongst students and professors. Furthermore, it becomes harder to connect and even today, information gets misunderstood or lost in translation.

Despite encountering numerous challenges, this opportunity provided us with a chance to be in charge of our own learning and led to flexibility in our daily routines. We are able to learn at our own pace and re-watch any concepts of the lectures that may seem unclear, within the learning schedule set by professors. With our live lectures, we are able to directly ask professors any questions and have one-on-one interactions, simulating an on-campus class.

Additionally, Bocconi has presented us with numerous extracurricular virtual courses, such as, such as Innovation – presented by Ms. Cristina Pozzi. This provided us with the opportunity to focus on our studies but also take the time to learn something new and essential. The Innovation course presented us with ideas of the future evolutions and exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Blockchain.

Despite this ongoing pandemic, with the help of our dedicated professors and teaching staff, we have adjusted to e-learning methods where our education and learning has not stopped.

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