Hello Tomorrow: the winners of the Global Challenge

26 March 2019 | Written by La redazione

Impactscool participated in the Summit, a two-day event dedicated to deep tech that took place in Paris on March 14th and 15th

The Nigerian startup RxAll won the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. The award was given during the fifth edition of the organization’s World Summit, which took place in Paris on 14 and 15 March. Impactscool participated in the Summit.
During the two-day event, in which companies, investors, researchers and startuppers from all over the world took part, various topics related to the present and future of deep-techs were analyzed and explained.

The Global Challenge. 4.500 applications submitted, from 119 countries: these are the record numbers of the competition dedicated to innovative startups around the world. During the Paris summit, the 80 finalists, divided into 12 categories, competed in pitches, judged by a jury composed of experts and investors.
To win the general prize, equal to 100 thousand euros made available by BNP Paribas, Global Partner of Hello Tomorrow was RxAll, a Nigerian startup that has excelled in the “Digital Health” category and had already won the regional final of Africa.

RxAll allows anyone to test the quality of their drugs using a handheld IoT nanoscanner and a smartphone app. The algorithm created by RxAll reads the scan from the IoT nanoscanner, identifies the drug and assesses its quality level (for example, if there is a degradation of the ingredients, or impurities, etc.). At this point, record the test result and send a quality report to the app in less than 20 seconds. “Fake drugs are a $ 30 billion industry that represents a significant risk to patients around the world, especially in developing countries. The RxAll platform – explained the CEO of the company Adebayo Alonge – solves this problem by providing authentication of the drug in real time in the palm of your hand “.

The other winners. The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge awarded 12 startups, which won the title for their reference category. In addition to the aforementioned RxAll, these companies have won the title in the respective sector:

Bound4Blue (Spain) received the “Aeronautics”, Insightness (Switzerland) and “Data and Artificial Intelligence” awards, while the US Company Coreshell won the competition in the “Energy” sector, Fauna Photonics (Denmark) received the “Food, agriculture and environment “. In the “Global Health” category, the award went to X-Therma Inc. (USA), while the German startups Echoring and Dust BioSolutions won the prize respectively for the “Industry 4.0” and “Industrial Biotech” categories. The winners in the last four sectors were Soundskrit (Canada) for “New materials”, NiveauUp (Taiwan) in the “Mobility” category, Atomos (USA) for the “New Space” category and Ilya Pharma (Sweden) for “Wellness”.

“The variety of startup applications we received this year demonstrates that deep tech innovation can come from anywhere in the world and that it can provide solutions to many of the major challenges facing our society today. – said Sarah Pedroza, co-founder and co-Managing Director of Hallo Tomorrow – At Hello Tomorrow, we are working to ensure that these startups have the right conditions to create large scale impact.”

Hello Tomorrow supports the most promising projects and startups, building connections and collaborations between entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors, thanks to a network of deep tech innovation based around the world: the goal is to bring innovation from laboratories directly to the market. Although it started only a few years ago, Hello Tomorrow is already establishing itself as a reference platform in the deep tech world. Impactscool is a Summit partner of the initiative.

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