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Hunting for unicorns, with Francesco Inguscio

18 September 2020 | Written by La redazione

After the summer break, the live shows of Impactscool are back: the guest of the first episode of the new season was Francesco Inguscio, CEO of Nuovab, who talked with Andrea Dusi about innovation, startups and ... unicorns

Unicorns, in addition to being legendary and mythological animals, are those innovative companies, not yet listed on the stock exchange, which have achieved a market valuation of at least one billion dollars in a short period. But what is the recipe for achieving this success?
There is no magic formula, but there are those who can help companies innovate and express their full potential. This is the field in which Francesco Inguscio, CEO of Nuvolab, one of the references of the Italian ecosystem in the startup and innovation sector, works. He was the first guest of the new season of 20 minutes from the future, interviewed by Andrea Dusi on 8 September.

But what is innovation? “Innovation – says Inguscio – for me it is something new that is good for humanity, with a positive purpose. If not, it is only technology while innovation may not even be technological “.
“And what I do – he continues – is precisely to make innovation happen by helping large companies to become innovative and innovative companies to become great. We do not have a specific sector, we are transversal, and we see companies of all kinds: we try to give good advice to everyone “.

The recipe for a successful startup. “To make a startup you need really convinced people. We need a why, a reason for being. This is why starting up is not something for everyone “.
To do this job for Inguscio you need three “S”: “Knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be. Knowledge can be learned, know-how is acquired with experience, knowing how to be teaches you life. This is why it is essential to support young people with someone who has gained some experience over the years. Innovation, and doing business in general, is also done with relationships, which are created over time “. In general, it is essential to find a good travel companion. “Innovation is not done alone”.

La redazione
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