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17 April 2020 | Written by La redazione

Questo il tema dell’ottava puntata di “20 minuti nel futuro” con Alex Bellini, esploratore, speaker e divulgatore ambientale

Who is Alex Bellini? Using his words it is “a constantly changing system, what I am today is not what I was yesterday will not be what I will be tomorrow, today I am an ultra 40 year old explorer with an experience behind me that gives me courage to look to the future. I am still passionate about exploration but in the sense of asking myself where we are going “. In addition, Bellini was our guest of 20 minutes in the future, our webinar format in this episode moderated by Andrea Dusi, President of Impactscool.


The interview. Famous for having crossed both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic solo with a rowboat, Alex Bellini has accomplished a wide range of extreme exploration achievements, such as the marathon in the Sahara desert or the crossing of the largest glacier of Europe on foot. All experiences he has done alone. Who better than him, today that because of the quarantine we are experiencing in a mild way that same isolation that accompanied him on his travels, can tell us about the challenges of tackling a path alone.


La redazione
La redazione

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