20 minutes from the future

The gray rhino of the Covid-19

2 June 2020 | Written by La redazione

Alcune sfide che ci si pongono davanti sono tanto drammatiche e importanti quanto sottovalutate e ignorate. Vengono chiamate “gray rhino”, rinoceronti grigi e ne abbiamo parlato con la scrittrice Michele Wucker in una puntata di 20 minuti dal futuro

In 2014 Bill Gates during one of his Ted Talk said that humanity is not ready for the next big epidemic. We go on in time to today, 2020, and we are in the middle of the largest pandemic of the last few decades, perhaps of the century. We had known for some time that the risk of a pandemic epidemic was probable and inevitable, yet we did nothing to prepare ourselves. Because?
It is a striking case of Gray Rhino, a gray rhino, a risk known to all and clear against which nothing is done. We delved into the topic in a new episode of “20 minutes from the future” with Michele Wucker, author of the book entitled “The Gray Rhino”. To interview her, Cristina Pozzi, CEO of Impactscool.


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La redazione

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