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Designing happiness

6 August 2020 | Written by La redazione

In the last episode of 20 minutes from the future we interviewed Kanika Dewan, founder and Creative Director at Ka Design Atelier.

The guest of the last episode of this season 20 minutes from the future has a clear mission: to make life better through sustainability and design. A search for happiness that starts from her commitment in the world of design with Ka Design Atelier, the company of which she is founder and Creative Director, passing through the other great directive of her path: stones as a sustainable material, an area that is linked to her I work as president of Bramco Group. Her name is Kanika Dewan, she comes from India and her efforts have led her to join the group of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum and also to enter the Guinness World Record.


Building a better life. Creating a better life for many is not easy, it is a path rather than a destination. In order to better understand how to do it, Dewan explains that we must be able to develop a connection between all. “We need to make sure that everyone is interconnected, that there is collaboration, because the world itself is connected. It is like a human body. […] Everything must work well together. […] If you put the journey of improving life and that of happiness on the same level, then you are on the right path to improving your life “.


Achieving happiness. Happiness plays an important role in Dewan’s worldview. And its achievement is at the center of the path for the betterment of life. Dewan dedicates a large part of his commitment to sustainability and to the use of non-polluting raw materials in design, an operation that is an integral part of his path to happiness: “If you improve the aesthetic side in a sustainable way, in which you take care of the environment, the themes of climate change, you use natural materials and you do it following an integrated vertical logic, in every aspect, then cutting the intermediaries, which allows you to also control the ethical aspects, in this way you can control the design value, and the quality. If you are able to do it you are able to achieve happiness “.


A Guinness World Record effort. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Kanika Dewan is also within the Guinness World Record for a unique record of its kind. “At the time, I was collaborating on many projects with the king of Oman and because we worked so well, the royal court invited us to create a special gift for the king. But what can you give to a king who already has everything? We decided to create a portrait of him, in stone and sustainable materials that entered the Guinness World Record. It is the largest mosaic portrait ”.

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