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A (red) kilometer of innovation

16 October 2020 | Written by La redazione

Guest of the last 20-minute episode from the future Roberto Marelli, Development Director at Kilometro Rosso, with whom we talked about innovation, research and business.

Along the A4 motorway, towards Bergamo, at a certain point you can see a large red building on which the name Kilometro Rosso stands out. It is a center where innovation sprouts and where ideas are transformed into business. To better understand its history, objectives and logic, we interviewed Roberto Marelli, Development Director at Kilometro Rosso in the last episode of 20 minutes from the future.

What is the Red Kilometro. Kilometro Rosso is a campus, a place of innovation, this 1 km long red line that distinguishes a long project dedicated to helping the business and research world to dialogue in order to be more competitive and be able to develop new ideas and new skills.

Sorry the rest of this entry is in Italian.

La redazione
La redazione

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