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Climathon: creating the future of sustainability together

25 October 2019 | Written by La redazione

On 25 October, in 110 cities around the world, including 13 in Italy, we will face the challenges of climate in our cities

The world is mobilizing to face the climate crisis, on the one hand, Friday for Future, the strikes that try to remind everyone of the critical situation of the environment, on the other events that call for concrete actions and the search for a solution to face the emergency. These include the Climathon: 24 hours dedicated to climate change and countermeasures to be put in place to counter them, which will be held in as many as 110 cities around the world, and that will include brainstorming, planning, training and ideas processing.


The event is promoted by Eit Climate-Kic, the European community of companies, local authorities, research institutes, universities and associations that supports technological and process innovation against the changing climate. It is a real hackathon that will take place simultaneously all over the world in which also 13 Italian municipalities will participate.


The challenges are many and tailored to the needs and needs of each city: on the subject of mobility, for example, there is Milan that will look for innovative solutions to transform itself into a pedestrian-friendly city; Venice aims to improve the transport of things and people in the fragile lagoon ecosystem, or Turin, which launches the challenge for a “circular city” focusing on innovation in industrial sectors such as food, automotive, electronics, textiles, packaging, and plastics.

“This year Italy is particularly attentive to the involvement of cities and citizens on the issue of climate change – explained Angelica Monaco, director of Climate-Kic in Italy – The challenge in the challenge is precisely that of local authorities who listen to the ideas of citizens, city users and young generations to eventually design together how to achieve them. The big metropolises like Milan or the small centers like Gaiba are all called to experiment and innovate from the bottom decision-making processes, operational tools, cutting-edge technologies “.

The students of the University of Milano-Bicocca who will participate in Hack the City, an initiative created by Engie in collaboration with the Milan University and iBicocca and conducted by Impactscool, will also be dedicated to the climate and future of the cities.

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