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Meet Impactscool’s Ambassadors: Adriano Fontanari

13 January 2020 | Written by La redazione

Interview with our Ambassador Adriano Fontanari

New appointment with the Impactscool community where we go to meet our ambassadors. Today is the turn of Adriano Fontanari. Adriano is passionate about health economics and digital health, as a graduate student in Innovation Management in 2016 he co-founded a support and orientation service for people suffering from a chronic disease. Adriano writes articles in our magazine on digital health issues and on the impact that emerging technologies will have in the field of doctor-patient relationships in the future.


What does being an Impactscool Ambassador mean to you?

Being an Impactscool Ambassador means being part of a community passionate about the future, where technology is not seen as an end but as a means of improving the quality of life. Impactscool is the place where it is possible to discuss all-around topics of the future, from ethical issues to the latest technologies.


The future in three words…

Innovation, Technology, Empathy. I believe the future will bring disruptive innovations faster and faster. In this, technology will play a fundamental role, with the aim of promoting relationships between people and not of creating barriers.


What do you do today and what will / will your job be in the future?

Today I work for a Venture Capital fund that invests in technologies with healthcare applications. The digital transformation of healthcare will revolutionize the way we see hospitals today and manage our health. In the future, I would like to run a decentralized hospital.


What are the greatest opportunities that technological development will bring and what, instead, the risks?

Democratization is certainly one of the greatest advantages of technology. Just think that with a click we have access to an infinite number of resources (including books). The risk is that in the future only a few may have the tools to create technological innovation. To date, only a few companies have the amount of data and the computing capacity to develop new AI.


How do you imagine 2050?

In 2050 I imagine myself a predictive medicine, capable of diagnosing a pathology even before the first symptoms appear. The technology will be invisible to the person’s eyes except through the data collected (with sensors, so small as to be imperceptible).


What will your hobby be like in the future?

In the future, I will play football on Mars.

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