The key word are awareness and responsibility

10 March 2020 | Written by La redazione

The emergence of the new Coronavirus obliges all of us to be informed, aware and responsible citizens

curated by Cristina Pozzi and Andrea Dusi


Fortunately, in our time we are not used to extraordinary situations like the one we are experiencing.
Scientific and health advances normally spare us from these problems that in the past often took the form of plague, wars, famines.

But, despite the scientific and educational advances that have brought us to the present since the times of the plague, it seems that the human instincts of division, struggle, accusation, racism, hysteria remain the same as they were then. We feel we have progressed and then we collapse in front of things that for us are lighter and more understandable and manageable than the plagues of the past of our ancestors.
We are fortunate to have the knowledge to contain and limit the damage. Let’s use them and follow the rules. There is no room here for the Italy of sly people and those who think for themselves convinced that this is fine.
It is time to show us and the world that we are able to remain united and be responsible citizens without exceptions, recommendations, friendships on the upper floors. We are all in it together and without distinctions and we win only if we all act together and without distinctions.


Even the world of information must respect these rules of respect, common sense and above all responsibility. It is precisely in such situations that the values ​​on which we base Impactscool can and must be put into practice every day even with small actions. We are well aware of the strength of science and the ability to use it in an informed and responsible way. In the meantime, we can continue to fight, even more than usual, because the hoaxes do not spread, because all our friends, acquaintances and relatives have a clear situation and because it is important to follow the rules responsibly, to make good use of your own. critical spirit understanding the impacts of one’s actions on others.

This is why the initiative of the Aware association “We Communicate Responsibly” was born, an appeal to the world of information that Impactscool Magazine also wanted to sign. Find more information here: https://awarepec.com/comunicare/


The situation is obviously dramatic for everyone. But it is especially for those who are dying, for their families, for those who have fallen ill and for those who will fall ill. The thought of the Impactscool community goes to those who find themselves in these situations of serious and great discomfort. In many, too many posts in recent days on social media, there are those who complain about the repercussions in their companies (“we are earning less !!”) or in the family balance (“how do we do with children at home now?!?” ).
Enough, let’s go stay human. We put humanity at the center. And respect for those who are managing and working in this situation to save lives and our health.

Extreme and difficult situations require exemplary behavior. And new solutions.
There is a possibility for everyone with the end of this dramatic situation of a new beginning or a different path. Let’s huddle around our affections. We can’t see each other, but we can pick up the phone or connect with those we love. Let’s take back this necessary new humanity. Let us cultivate. And when the time comes, we will be able to build a better future on this new humanism.

La redazione
La redazione

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