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The first restaurant serving cultured meat

16 November 2020 | Written by La redazione

It is located in Tel Aviv and the meat is produced in bioreactors in a dedicated room in the restaurant

Cultured meat, or meat produced from a single animal cell, arrives at the restaurant. In one restaurant specifically, it’s called “The Chicken” and it’s the first in the world to serve chicken meat produced in bioreactors without killing animals. Located in Tel Aviv, the restaurant was born from the Startup SuperMeat which is perfecting the production process to make meat production increasingly sustainable and economical. Guests of The Chicken will be able to sample different types of gourmet chicken burgers and cutlets accompanied by vegetables and chips, served in a modern design environment with a window to the room where the meat is produced. Reservations are open but it seems that the waiting list is already long. Would you book a table in this restaurant?


La redazione
La redazione

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