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Falling Wall Lab: in Milano-Bicocca the challenge for the talents of the future

26 June 2019 | Written by La redazione

By July 15, you can present your application to participate in the international contest that promotes the ideas of the new generations

A challenge addressed to the next generation of creative innovators and thinkers: an opportunity to promote exceptional ideas and connect promising scientists and entrepreneurs from all around the world. This is the Falling Wall Lab, an international forum that will arrive also in Italy on September 13th, in University of Milan-Bicocca. Selected participants will have 3 minutes to present their research work, business model or initiative: a jury of experts will decide the winners who will represent Italy in the world final, scheduled in Berlin on November 8th.

To participate in the challenge it is necessary to present your application by July 15th.

The contest. "Falling Wall Lab" seeks excellence in the most diverse sectors, from science to art, through sociology and economics. The challenge is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, but also for those who have earned a three-year degree from no more than 10 years, a master's degree from no more than 7 years and a research doctorate for no more than 5 years. A commission of experts will select the 15 best projects, which will be presented to the jury and the public during the event scheduled at University of Milan-Bicocca. On this occasion, the participants will have the opportunity to present their idea in 3 minutes to a jury who will identify the winner that will take part in the final in Berlin on 8 November 2019. "We believe that hosting a Falling walls Lab here in Bicocca - said Danilo Porro, Vice-Chancellor of the Valorization of Research of the University of Milan-Bicocca - is a first small step (and not a goal) towards an entrepreneurial approach to science. Listening to those brilliant minds addressing some of the toughest problem of society in an effective and simple manner is a great opportunity to make science accessible and enriching for all us" The final. During the Final Lab, 100 finalists will present their innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of the present in front of an international commission. The winners at the global level will be three and will obtain the title of "Falling Walls Young Innovator of the Year": they will receive a cash prize and will have the opportunity to present their idea again at the Falling Walls Conference. Falling Wall Lab is an international network that includes prestigious academic institutions from over 60 countries, including Stanford University, ETH Zurich and the University of Tokyo. In 2018, the network received over 3,000 applications for 77 Falling Wall Labs across 57 countries all around the world. The winner was Ahmed Ghazi, of the University of Rochenster, author of a 3D injection mold to create realistic versions of complex human organs. Watch the video of the 2018 event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnZ7eEERN38  
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