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DIGITALmeet brings digital humanism all over Italy

16 October 2018 | Written by La redazione

Culture and health, sports and economy: the 2018 edition of DIGITALmeet, with a broad billboard and stops in 15 regions, will investigate the many sectors in which digital is making the difference, even in Italy.

Discover. Use. Create. Dream.”: The motto that introduces the sixth edition of DIGITALmeet, the festival dedicated to digital literacy and its widespread in Italy, already traces the path to follow: from tomorrow, October 17th, to Sunday October 21st, all throughout Italy you can take part in meetings, conferences, workshops to discover the digital world.

Over 150 events, all free, with about 300 speakers to involve 15 Italian regions: organized by Fondazione Comunica and TAG Padova, DIGITALmeet is dedicated to the “good” innovation. The focus will be on new technologies and on how they are designed to grow businesses and improve our lives: the model is the Japanese version of the Society 5.0, which puts artificial intelligence at the service of man and his needs, not only in the fields of production and economy, but also and above all in the fields of medicine, research and all the activities that contribute to social well-being, including free time.

“This year – says Gianni Potti, president of Fondazione Comunica and DIGITALmeet Founder – we want to talk about a different digital world, almost a renaissance in which technology is a means and not the end, what we like to call ‘digital humanism’. And in this edition, alongside the classic digital themes for citizens and businesses, we do so through stories of people who live and use the digital every day, taking care of our health, culture, sport, social services.”

The protagonists of the event will therefore be the new horizons of the digital world but, inevitably, the dark side of the technologies will also emerge: “Deep web, cyber bullying, hatred on the web, hackers… we try to deepen these themes with meetings dedicated, but above all we want to talk about the “good” digital, the one that helps people, the economy, the development, because our goal is to explain that digital improves our lives, it does not make them worse.”

The new frontiers of “digital art”, the evolution of robotics in the medical field, the applications of technologies to traditional sports, but also the new discoveries of information technology to simplify the world of finance: the digital literacy put in place by DIGITALmeet will touch many different sectors to tell how Italy is changing: “It is important to talk about digital literacy because we are in a country that needs to create a new digital culture. Our commitment goes from North to South, from Milan to Potenza, to ensure that digital is within everyone’s reach.” – explains Potti – “We think that technology is not the end but simply a means: we must try to do not be scared by new technologies but learn how to make the most of them.”

An edition rich in content, therefore, that wants to put digital literacy at the service of everyone, citizens and businesses: the complete program of DIGITALmeet 2018 is available on www.digitalmeet.it.

La redazione
La redazione

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