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Digital Republic: the national strategic initiative against the digital divide

4 March 2020 | Written by La redazione

Combattere il digital gap e diffondere una cultura sulle tecnologie del futuro: anche Impactscool aderisce all’iniziativa

Italy has a digital skills problem: according to the OECD report of 2019 “Skills Outlook 2019 – Thriving in a digital world”, our country is among the last as regards the use of technologies and digital skills, essential in the world of work and modern civilian living. 71% of Italians use the Internet, a figure that appears high but pales in comparison with the European average of 85%, moreover only 36% of those who use it do so in a “varied and complex” way, that is to go beyond the simple navigation. This is a structural problem that Italy must face, which is why the Department for digital transformation of the Prime Minister’s Office has created the “Digital Republic”. Impactscool also adheres to this initiative with its activities aimed at students, they also bring training on the themes of the future and emerging technologies.


Impactscool joins the initiative both with the activities it carries out in schools throughout Italy, and through the Future Camp, the future summer schools that will be held in eight Italian cities between June and July. Future Camps, in particular, aim to provide girls and boys aged 15 to 22 with the ability to predict and solve the major world problems of today and tomorrow, to face the challenges of new technologies, to tackle climate change and to imagine and plan works and the society of the future. Together with Impactscool, many realities join the Digital Republic, among which Microsoft, Fastweb, the IBM Italy foundation and Facebook stand out.

La redazione
La redazione

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