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Safer Internet Day 2021

9 February 2021 | Written by La redazione

February 9 is the world day dedicated to a safer internet

For the youngest, the internet is the main, if not the only means of communication and information. A window on the world that in this pandemic has become essential not only for distance learning but also for maintaining one’s network of relationships, for better or for worse.

According to a research carried out for “Generazioni Connesse” by Skuola.net, University of Florence and La Sapienza of Rome, 6 out of 10 teenagers say they spend more than five hours a day connected. Just 12 months ago there were three out of 10 and one in five young people said they were “Always connected”, and at the same time, according to 59% of the students surveyed, cyberbullying episodes are increasing.

In order to make the Internet a safer place, for teenagers as well as for adults, Safer Internet Day is born, an initiative active since 2004 which reaches its 18th edition today 9 February.


The initiative of the Ministry of Education. “Together for a better Internet”, this is the motto that guides the many initiatives promoted by the Ministry of Education on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. In addition to local and national events promoted together with the partners of “Generazioni Connesse”, webinars are also planned , digital workshops, direct with experts and the official presentation of the new Guidelines of the Ministry of Education for the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying. It will also be reflected on the basis of data, such as those commissioned by Generations Connected, the quantity and quality of the hours spent on the Net by girls and boys.

Among the initiatives also a direct one during the institutions, political decision-makers and experts will meet with young people from lower and upper secondary schools, to deepen the themes of the Better Internet for Kids Policies, or opportunities and criticalities connected to the virtual world. There will be influencers, experts, digital animators and young “activists” from the Youth Panel and the Youth Movement for Save the Children, who will show examples and virtuous Italian actions relating to the use of new technologies.

Odiopedia is a collaborative search engine promoted by COP – Chi Odia Paga and developed in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with Wired, in which your city is enough to discover the associations that can lend a hand to those in difficulty. Within Odiopedia, bodies, associations, anti-violence centers and subjects that support and promote the protection of the inviolable rights of the person are mapped.

Each subject on the map has its own card describing what it does and how it provides concrete help. In Odiopedia non-profit organizations, trade associations, anti-violence centers, all that third sector world that wants to do its part against hatred and discrimination with hospitality, integration, legal, psychological, health and prevention assistance have been mapped.

La redazione
La redazione

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