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In the starting blocks, the Digital Week in Milan

22 May 2020 | Written by La redazione

Impactscool will also participate in the event to tell how you think about the future

Six days of active and free participation to understand digitally the city that transforms itself. From 25 to 30 May Digital Week returns to Milan, in a totally online version. The event, promoted by the Municipality of Milan, opens, in a virtual way, given the emergency linked to the new Coronavirus, the city gates, enhancing the experiences and approaches to technologies that start from citizens, from the production system and from the academic system, making them those days accessible to all. Among the events also an intervention by Impactscool in the role of our Future Activist Luca Tiraboschi.

An augmented city is transformed. A city like Milan, a place for meetings and contacts par excellence, can only be the concrete laboratory where to develop the technologies and innovations that look to this beginning of the millennium with a collective perspective and a possibility of access to knowledge never before in the history of man. This year’s theme should have been Milan as an “augmented city” but, as we can read on the event website, “these two months have profoundly changed the way the rhythms and perspectives are concerned. We are now living in a Transformed City, modified by current contingencies but also strong in its innate resilience. And to reflect and interpret this “back to the future”, it is perhaps necessary to stop for a moment and look at the panorama that we have before us, in these days still and very fast “.

The participation of Impactscool. Among the scheduled events, Impactscool will also have a space in the role of Luca Tiraboschi, our Future Activist, who in a 30-minute webinar on Saturday 30 at 4.30 pm will talk about the future, explaining how to learn to imagine the possible futures and anticipate the changes, starting from the signs of the present.

Register here: https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/saperi-futuri/

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