20 minutes from the future

Open Innovation: opening up to the future

21 May 2020 | Written by La redazione

What does innovation mean today? We talked about it with Alberto Onetti, entrepreneur, teacher and president of Mind the Bridge

“Open Innovation is a very fashionable but difficult to understand concept: everyone talks about it but few know what it is and what it is for”. This is how Alberto Onetti made his debut on the Impactscool channels on the occasion of his speech “20 minutes from the future”, broadcast live Tuesday 19 May. Entrepreneur, teacher and president of Mind the Bridge, Onetti responded to Andrea Dusi’s questions on the world of innovation, offering several food for thought on the Italian model and on the interventions necessary to bring a certain type of culture to our country too.

Sorry, the rest of the interview is in italian.


La redazione
La redazione

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