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Next week’s events by Impactscool – 15th to 21st October

12 October 2018 | Written by La redazione

Like it does every week, Impactscool’s team will be involved in several events all across Italy and beyond. Find out where you can find us.

3400 entrepreneurial projects, 200 companies already supported, 450 businesses involved and no less than 21 open innovation projects that already took off: Unicredit Start Lab, this year at its fifth edition, is becoming one of the most important accelerators for new companies in Italy. Born in 2013 with the aim of supporting young entrepreneurs, innovation and new technologies, Unicredit Start Lab offers different types of support and aid for startups, with a concrete approach that looks directly at the market. At the next edition of the event, which will be held on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th October at the Unicredit Tower in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, Cristina Pozzi and Andrea Dusi will also take part: in particular, during the first day Cristina will talk about “signs and future”, while Andrea, on Tuesday, will discuss about failures with the public.

Cristina, on October 16th, will be in Verona, at the headquarters of the Order of Engineers in Via Santa Teresa 12, for the conference “Infutura. Tomorrow’s man today is a teenager”. Organized by the cooperative Energie Sociali, the conference will be dedicated to the prospects faced by today’s adolescents: precisely for this reason, the focus of Cristina’s intervention will be on “Learning the future”.

The youth will be the protagonist again, on October 17th, in the Vision Hack organized by Impactscool during the event To Be Verona: how will Verona be in 2050? High school students from all over the city will tell us, after being “inspired” by some exceptional speakers and having learned the basic knowledge on exponential technologies, they will be asked to tell their version of the future. The winner will be announced on Saturday October 20th during To Be Verona, the international forum dedicated to the development of innovative ideas and education and training for young people, adults and companies. This year’s theme is “Disruptive Learning: not just technology” and Andrea Dusi will be on stage to talk about education.

On October 18th, there will be another date for the “Journey into the Future” that Impactscool organizes in collaboration with the company Audionova. In the convention center of Padua, from 6.00 pm onwards, the discussion will focus on which impacts the exponential technologies can have on our lives. The speakers of the event will be Cristina Pozzi, CEO and Co-Founder of Impactscool, Hady Ghassabian, Ambassador of Impactscool and suborbital astronaut, Pasquale Fedele, founder and CEO of Liquidweb, and Eleonora Cogo, Senior Scientific Manager at the Climate Simulation and Prediction division at Bologna.

Finally, we will talk about new ways of doing business at CNA NEXT 2018, the eighth edition of the debate that is aimed at economists, sociologists, institutional guests and entrepreneurs in order to develop a useful proposal to support and spread new business models. Among the speakers of the event, which will be held on October 19th at Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan, there will also be Cristina Pozzi, who will speak at the panel called “Wellness is the future: the sustainable enterprise that looks to the future”.




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