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The events of the week by Impactscool from 21 to 27 May

18 May 2018 | Written by La redazione

Like it does every week, Impactscool’s team will be involved in several events all across Italy and beyond. Find out where you can find us.


Google Duplex, the latest invention of the Silicon Valley giant that promises to revolutionize the way we handle telephone arrangements every day, at the last edition of Google I / O, on May 8th, astonished the conference audience for its ability to perfectly mimic the tone and the expression of the human voice. Certainly, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence more and more often, and the spectrum of aspects of everyday life that this technology is implementing is becoming ever more extensive.

We are going to discuss the important impact that AI will have on our society on Monday 21 May, at the Rome Business School, in our workshop “Artificial Intelligence“.

On May 22, instead, we are going to talk about the last discoveries in the medical and scientific field with the workshop “Science and Medicine“, the third and last round of the cycle of meetings, hosted by the Rome Business School: we will discuss the fundamental role of technologies in scientific research, but also the inevitable positive and negative implications that these will have on our lives. Precisely at the time in history when we start to talk about diseases that are difficult to eradicate with the common antibiotics once again, new technologies can be the tool to defeat the so-called superbugs.

Cristina Pozzi will tell us what our future will be like, instead, May 23rd: Cristina will present her book “2050. Guida (fu)turistica per viaggiatori nel tempo” at the Open More Than Books bookstore in Milan. The meeting will be moderated by Massimo Temporelli, founder of The FabLab – Make It Real.

La redazione
La redazione

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