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“A guide to the future that awaits us”: Fondazione Veronesi talks about Impactscool

23 July 2018 | Written by La redazione

Also the Veronesi Foundation Magazine talks about Impactscool and “2050: guida (fu)turistica per viaggiatori nel tempo”. In the article, Chiara Segré offers a review of the book and explains why Impactscool was born and what its objectives are.

“2050: guida (fu)turistica per viaggiatori nel tempo” – reads the review – is an unusual tour guide for hypothetical travelers who will visit our planet in 2050. The chapters are many, just those we consult on a tourist guide « traditional », but projected into the future: information on the population of 2050 – how many we will be and what religions will be practiced -, how it will change the way of shopping by paying cash or credit cards, how we will take care thanks to genomics and information obtainable from our DNA, how and what we will eat-from insect-based foods to those expressed “printed” by 3D printers to restaurants with immersive experiences of augmented reality-as sports and leisure activities will change and how we will share our lives with robots and cyborg.

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