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12 NASA technologies that we use daily

21 February 2018 | Written by Hady Ghassabian

Humans have always been fascinated by space.

Human beings, whatever their origins, have always been driven by the desire to discover new worlds and explore the unknown, always looking for a way to cross science boundaries and go beyond the known world.

In this perspective, space exploration not only help us to satisfy this hunger for knowledge, but also to find an answer to basic questions about our role in the universe and the history of our solar system.

Furthermore, this desire to explore and seek the boundaries of knowledge brought great benefits to our society. Although we are often fascinated by space discoveries, however, we can’t understand how these are strongly connected to our everyday life. In fact, a lot of technologies that we use daily are the result of space discoveries, or rather, of the process of creating them.

Just think about the infrared thermometer: it was created using the same technology used by astrophysicists to study celestial objects!

In order to solve all the challenges related to space exploration, scientists are solving problems never faced before, obtaining innovative solutions.

That’s why, nowadays, there are always more available technologies: and if we change their area of application, even new industries can be created.

Dear Impactscool readers, here are some of the 2000 technologies used in everyday life born from NASA’s aerospace research.

Curiosity and spirit of exploration are very important for the human soul, and embracing the challenge of going deeper into space requires the effort of all citizens. Understanding how much this research area has a positive impact on everyday life, in fact, can change the point of view of many people, and perhaps will help everyone to find an answer to questions like: “Why do we explore space?”.
Although, after all, quoting Carl Sagan, I’d like to respond in an even more simple way, reminding us that: “We are made of star stuff”.

The 12 technologies of NASA that we use in everyday life:

1) Image sensors for cameras

2) Winglets for airplanes

3) GPS signal optimization

4) New ingredients and molecular food

5) Memory foam

6) Filtration and recovery water systems

7) Tensil fabrics that could be use in architecture

8) Artificial heart pump

9) Assisting listening devices

10) Air purifiers

11) Total protection sunglasses lens

12) Polymer Fabric that protects Firefighters, Military, and Civilians

Hady Ghassabian
Hady Ghassabian


Hady Ghassabian is a suborbital astronaut selected for a joint research project between the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and NASA. The main interest of Hady is the exploration of space by man.

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