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Simple visual processing exercise can limit dementia

3 December 2017 | Written by La redazione

Dementia strikes many people as they age, and there’s currently not much we can do about it. It would be nice to think that there could be a fix to stave it off, like a computer game or something that could do more than help you improve at that computer game. Well now, for the first time, it seems like there may be. The Advanced Cognitive Training in Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) study was a randomized controlled trial in which thousands of healthy seniors got different kinds of cognitive training and had their cognition monitored over ten years. After five years, all of the results were negative but after ten years, one of the interventions reduced dementia risk by about 30 percent. This result was achieve by a group of people that got brain-plasticity-based, intensive, adaptive, computerized speed of processing training.

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