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Contact lenses: a look at the future

19 September 2019 | Written by La redazione

Innovation in the field of smart lenses is making great strides

Less than two years ago Google Glass was launched, special glasses with a small screen that allowed a sort of augmented reality. A success on paper, a failure on the market. The reasons are a lot, starting from the not enough mature technology coming for the aspect considered by many ridiculous. Among memes and teasing, at the time the internet was not spared. The idea of ​​having a way to access the virtual world and increased with the comfort of the look is not dead, on the contrary, it has remained dormant waiting for a technology suitable to face the market. Today this technology could be at the doors.

Smart contact lenses. Technological innovation makes great strides and has led several companies like Samsung, Sony and Google to patent what could be the spiritual successors of Google Glass, smart contact lenses. Each has different abilities but all have in common the possibility of bringing human vision beyond normal capacity. From the possibility of zooming with the eye to that of recording videos and taking pictures, up to the possibility of having additional information thanks to augmented reality, all these features will be ready to face the market in a short time, there are those who speak of 2023.


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