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Automation and digitalization: the post-Covid world of work

6 November 2020 | Written by La redazione

With Paolo Falco, economist and researcher at the University of Copenhagen, we talked about the future of work in a world facing the pandemic

This 2020 will certainly be remembered for the enormous impact it has had on humanity, in many sectors. Among the most interested is certainly that of work, which is facing a challenge that will not be easy to manage. According to an analysis carried out by Eurofound across Europe, only in April 5% of European workers lost their jobs, while 23% temporarily suspended their work. Fortunately, on our side, there is technology that can help us mitigate damage and find new solutions for economic and employment issues. What legacy did the first wave leave us that could allow us to better face the second wave we are experiencing? What role, specifically, can technology play and what future can we expect for the post-Covid world of work? We asked Paolo Falco, an economist, who is involved in research with experimental methods to study human behavior in relation to the labor market at the University of Copenhagen.

Sorry the rest of this entry is in italian.

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La redazione

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