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The potential of 3D printing, beyond the Covid-19 emergency

6 April 2020 | Written by La redazione

We talked about it in the third episode of "20 minutes into the future" with Massimo Temporelli, popularizer, entrepreneur and president of The FabLab

In recent weeks, the whole of Italy has been able to appreciate the value and potential of 3D printing, which has allowed the creation of valves capable of transforming diving masks into respirators, which were starting to be scarce in many hospitals in our country. A concrete answer to a serious problem, which teaches us how this technology can be used in different contexts and sectors. We talked about the potential of 3D printing, starting from current events, with Massimo Temporelli, popularizer, entrepreneur, and president of The FabLab, guest on April 2 of “20 minutes into the future”, in a new online format of Impactscool.

La redazione
La redazione

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