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Science and medicine: Covid-19 and a look into the future

1 April 2020 | Written by La redazione

Guest of the second appointment of "20 minutes in the future" was Roberta Villa, scientific journalist, with whom we discussed research, dissemination and the health sector, starting from the emergency in progress

“This pandemic was widely announced, already since the days of SARS, not to mention the last century. Scientists worked hard to study the dangers and understand how they could be managed and mitigated from all sides. The impression today is that politics has listened to these calls of science with a little sufficiency. ” Thus introduced the Covid-19 issue Roberta Villa, scientific journalist and guest of the second appointment of “20 minutes in the future”, the online format of Impactscool aired every Tuesday and Thursday at 17.

Roberta Villa, who has been dealing with health-related dissemination for years, especially on the topic of vaccines, has become a point of reference in recent weeks about the Covid-19 emergency.

La redazione
La redazione

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