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Amazon launches the AWS cloud region in Milan

4 May 2020 | Written by Gaetano Fabiano

Who will be the new users and what are the implications?

About a year ago, we announced Amazon’s intentions to open a new cloud region in Milan too. A year after that date, what was declared by the Seattle giant became reality with the opening of “Aws Europe Region (Milan)”, the sixth in Europe after Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Stockholm.


Why this choice? Amazon’s choice to focus on Italy to extend its presence on a global scale and in Europe was also dictated by the growing choice of cloud services for many Italian companies. In fact, this type of development paradigm, according to what Amazon has declared, is one of the most chosen implementation solutions in this particular phase due to the emergency for the coronavirus.


Who is it for? Customers of this type of technology will be small and large companies in cross sectors. The cloud is not something exclusive for startups and companies in the IT or hi-tech sector: the cloud is designed to adapt to every implementation need. In fact, already now, among the customers who use Amazon AWS services, in Italy there are important companies in the fashion, luxury, automotive, banking and finance sectors, to name a few.

But with the Milanese “region” Amazon AWS will be able to reach customers who were previously difficult to reach for legal issues related to the historicization of data: public administrations. In fact, now public administrations, if they deem it appropriate, will be able, for some applications, to choose Amazon AWS cloud services.

Regardless of the choice of the cloud service provider, be it Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or perhaps an Italian cloud infrastructure as outlined by AGID (Agency for Digital Italy), public administrations that choose to “switch to the cloud” in doing so may address the EU regulatory compliance envisaged for data protection, taking the opportunity to completely review its strategies for storing information, including data retention policies, digital preservation and digital modernization of the entire administrative and bureaucratic processes.

Gaetano Fabiano
Gaetano Fabiano

Gaetano Fabiano, innovation expert in the sphere of digital transformation and emerging technologies in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He is a computer science teacher.

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