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Quantum Computing, the technology at the service of data

31 October 2018 | Written by La redazione

In his latest book, Raffaele Mauro tells us about the world of quantum computing, a new system designed to revolutionize the way we process data today.

Quantum Computing. Technology, application and investment” is Raffaele Mauro’s latest book, in which the author explains what this new technological paradigm is and how it can help us to revolutionize the processing of our data: you can find it in book shops starting from today, October 31st.

During Sinnova, the exhibition of innovation for companies and entrepreneurship, in Cagliari on October 11 and 12, Andrea Dusi had the opportunity to talk about the topic with the author: what do we talk about when we talk about quantum computing? As Mauro explains, it is “a new way of encoding and processing information, based on some properties of quantum mechanics, which can solve some of the problems that traditional computers are not able to solve”.

A technological revolution, therefore, already announced: applied to the traditional computators’ architecture, this system could prove to be disruptive for many sectors, from medical research to telecommunications, from artificial intelligence to military technology. A huge potential, as evidenced by the important investments made by technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and IBM, who have been paying attention in this direction for some time.

“The text combines some considerations drawn from several disciplines – computer science, mathematics, economics, geopolitics. This book aims to be a tool to explore quantum computing, laying the groundwork on the topic”.

The advice, therefore, is not to be caught unprepared but to take the first steps towards this new technological paradigm.

Raffaele Mauro, passionate about technology, finance and geopolitics, is Managing Director at Endeavor Italy. He obtained the MPA at Harvard with specialization in international finance, the Ph.D. at Bocconi University and the GSP at Singularity University on the NASA Ames campus. With Egea he also published “Hacking Finance. The bitcoin and blockchain revolution”.

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