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Musk completed the Hornsdale Power Reserve

5 December 2017 | Written by La redazione

Tesla has completed construction of a massive 100-megawatt, 129-MWh battery installation in South Australia. The new facility boasts the largest megawatt rating for any grid-connected battery installation in the world. The project was completed less than two months after the contract was signed on September 29, putting it ahead of schedule. Musk had promised Australian authorities that he would complete the project in 100 days or the project would be free. Musk has said it would cost Tesla “$50 million or more” if the company failed to meet the deadline. Of course, most of those batteries are supposed to go into Tesla’s cars. But developing a side business in battery packs for use by residential customers and electric utilities helps to diversify Tesla’s business. If the car business hits unexpected snags—as it has with the Model 3 launch in recent months—Tesla can sell the extra batteries for non-car uses.

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