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The italian observatory on generations is born

31 August 2020 | Written by La redazione

The scientific reference point on intergenerational issues to support companies and institutions

The generation gap is a socio-cultural phenomenon that is becoming increasingly important in companies with regards to the management of their workforce and the purchasing logic of their consumers. The generation gap is summed up in problems of communication and adaptation. In fact, communication is the basis of every human relationship and if there is a lack of deep understanding, there is a risk of increasing the generation gap in rational, value and practical terms.

An example is the technological language that the younger generations chew very fluently and this, very often, constitutes a huge communication barrier for the pre-digital revolution generations, these barriers, like others linked to the context in which they grew up and reference values ​​can lead to friction. Generational differences obviously do not always lead to conflict but if not known, analyzed and integrated, they can lead to corporate stagnation (inability to innovate internal processes) or to a real “cold war” between their collaborators with a relapse on internal productivity.

The Observatory on Generations is a project born from the will of Generation Warriors, in the people of its co-founders Marta Basso and Alessandro Sandionigi in collaboration with Professor Alfredo De Massis, full professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bolzano, director of the Center for Family Business Management and former professor at the University of Lancaster, and leader of the Scientific Committee made up of 9 professors from as many Italian universities. “In recent years, with the digital revolution, the intergenerational theme has acquired more and more importance – explains Marta Basso, Chief Creative Human Officer of Generation Warriors – Research organizations from all over the world are taking an interest in the topic, for example the Center for Family Business Management of Bolzano, the Center for Generational Studies of the University of South Alabama, the School of Business and Information Technology of Purdue University, and the Center for Generational Kinetics of Austin – their analyzes will form the basis of the Observatory’s research. ”

The objective of the research of the Observatory on Generations is the concrete support to companies, institutions and educational bodies in the deepening and knowledge of generational dynamics and in the study of targeted strategies to optimize the management of the workforce within the company context.

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