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Next week’s events by Impactscool – 4th June to 10th June

1 June 2018 | Written by La redazione

Like it does every week, Impactscool’s team will be involved in several events all across Italy and beyond. Find out where you can find us.


“Failure is not the end of everything, it is a lesson to start again: there are no faults, only mistakes that should not be repeated”. We are going to talk about failures on Monday June 4th at TAG – Talent Garden in Milan: Impactscool President Andrea Dusi, will present his book “Come far fallire una startup ed essere felici“, with Davide Dattoli. The polished narrative of the startup world that, in the common imaginary, has made Silicon Valley the new Eden often forgets the fact that nine out of ten startups fail in the first three years of activity. And so the failures, the errors, the unforeseen become the tiles on which success is built.

TAG, the largest European platform for networking and training for digital innovation, is also promoting the first edition of Connected City, the national open innovation program that aims to identify and test new impact projects for the development of services for citizens based on data and technology. The event will be hosted at Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin on June 6th starting at 9.00. Impactscool CEO Cristina Pozzi will also be among the speakers of the event.

Cristina will also participate in the VeeamON Forum 2018, on June 7th at the Monza Autodrome. The fourth edition of the Forum dedicated to the best strategies for managing large volumes of data will deal more closely with the complexities involved in managing an ever-increasing quantity of data.

And after three days of events in Pescara, Futura, the event designed by Miur to stimulate debates and challenges within the National Plan for the Digital School throughout Italy, will arrive in Rieti from June 7th to 9th. Each of the 24 stages of this trip declines three days of events, exhibitions, workshops dedicated to the PNSD with a “strong theme”, different for every city. This time the theme will be #FUTURAcqua: training, innovation, workshops to talk about the Digital School and the water cities of the future.

Once again, Impactscool will be there to talk about the future of the school world. In particular, it will speak at the #WoMEST event, the national call to STEM for the female audience. As you can read in a study carried out by Microsoft in collaboration with the London School of Economics only 12.6% of Italian girls choose to undertake a scholastic path in STEM subjects. The study also explains that one of the factors that most influence this decision is the belief that opportunities for women and girls in this field are not enough. “Gender inequality in the STEM sectors is a concern for everyone’s future. We have about five years to intervene effectively. It is alarming that the optimism of our young people, as well as their original interest in technical and scientific studies, is drastically tempered by a realism that leads them towards more conservative choices and to lose opportunities arising from technological innovation, even if they are aware of having the potential to do anything”. Paola Cavallero, Director of Marketing & Operations at Microsoft Italy, explained. The solution, according to the organizers of #WoMEST, is to always find new ways to encourage girls to choose scientific careers, proposing female role models and making practical experiences in the field of STEM. Also for this reason, Impactscool wants to participate in the debate to say that the opportunities for the future are enough, for boys and girls.

Next week’s events by Impactscool - 28th May to 3rd June

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