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Cristina Pozzi talks about Artificial Intelligence for PHD

9 October 2018 | Written by La redazione

Cristina has analyzed different aspects of AI for the magazine of the Communication Agency, from applications to impacts on our society

PHD, a globally recognized media and communication agency, interviewed Cristina Pozzi, Ceo and Co-founder of Impactscool, to talk about Artificial Intelligence.

In the long article, published on the agency’s website, Cristina analyzed several aspects of this technology, from applications to impacts on our society.

“Unfortunately, Artificial Intelligence is just one of those issues where it is difficult to have a clear and complete picture for our students. There often are fragmentary and non-rigorous information that somehow become viral and may have two results. opposites and both dangerous: they can scare people away, or they can create a vision too optimistic with respect to reality, giving the idea that it is a magical instrument that will solve all the problems of the world”.

The complete interview is available here.

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La redazione

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