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Not just artificial intelligence and immersive reality: at CES 2019 there is also the Impossible Burger 2.0

11 January 2019 | Written by Thomas Ducato

During the event dedicated to the world of technology in Los Angeles, the new version of the meatless hamburger was presented

In the homeland of the hamburger and fast food restaurants, the center of debate of the last few days is a sandwich with some… fake meat. We are talking about the Impossible Burger, created by a startup founded in 2016 by Pat Brown, a physician and professor at Stanford University, which is now a consolidated reality in the American culinary scene, so that five thousand fast food and restaurants scattered throughout the United States have already inserted this dish into their menu. And now from Los Angeles, where the CES 2019 edition ends today, the Consumer Electronics Show, between artificial intelligence systems, electronic devices and new futuristic projects, was presented version 2.0 of the meatless hamburger, which seems to convince even the most demanding palates and the most “carnivorous” consumers.

Impossible Burger: appearance is deceiving. Appearance, smell and, now they assure, even taste, make you think exactly of a beef burger but this one is made entirely from ingredients of plant origin and more precisely with soy, coconut oil, potatoes, methylcellulose, yeast extract, dextrose, modified food starch and a series of vitamins. Moreover, in the 2.0 version, gluten has been completely eliminated and the same quantity of iron and proteins of a traditional meat product is present. All without any trace of cholesterol and a really paltry number of calories, just 240. The fake "hamburger" is the flagship product of the startup Impossible Food, which also produces meatballs and stews. The product, which today is described as equal to the original, is the result of years of research and could even end up in the lanes of food stores by the end of this year. Vegetable meat is an expanding market and competition for Impossible Food is not lacking, but those who have tasted the 2.0 version of the Hamburger at CES 2019 have assured that it is really difficult to distinguish it from “real” meat. CES 2019. From January 8th the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is held in Los Angeles, a “showcase” event for the world of technology that will end today. Many have used the great visibility of the event to launch products and devices or present innovative technologies. Artificial intelligence, immersive realities, cars of the future, quantum computers and high-tech gadgets for all tastes and budgets: with 4 thousand exhibitors and 180 thousand visitors expected, CES is an institution among the events of the sector and even in 2019 it has not disappointed expectations. And for the first time with the Impossible Burger even a culinary novelty has managed to carve out a space between the giants of innovation.
Thomas Ducato
Thomas Ducato

Graduated in Publishing and Journalism at the University of Verona and journalist since 2014, he deals with the press and communication activities of Impactscool, also taking care of the blog contents, their dissemination and sharing.

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